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“Sveto doesn’t accumulate energy – he generates it”.


Hybrid Performance Coaching Client

Sveto is a highly experienced PT with certifications in: 


PPSC Pain Free Performance Specialist certification with Dr. John Rusin, certified Online Personal Trainer with

OTA Online Training Academy, Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Certificate 3 & 4, Punchfit Trainer Level 1, 

Invictor Ropes Conditioning, Fia Fitnation Functional Strength Training Level 1, Clean Health Performance Personal Trainer

Level 1 & 2, Clean Health Performance Nutrition Level 1 & 2, Clean Health General Population Transformation.


As a former competitive athlete, Sveto knows about going beyond limits and taking control of his goals.

Growing up between Croatia and Australia, Sveto was an elite football (soccer) player from a young age. He says physical activity has always been his passion and way of self-expression. 

“As a kid I had so much natural energy, some people thought I was hyperactive,” he says. “I channelled it into sport.

“When I started playing football in Europe, I developed a competitive spirit and wanted to optimise my physical potential.”

“I know what it’s like to take control of my life”

Sveto threw himself into his sport with his trademark energy. Like many young athletes in the spotlight, Sveto trained hard … and played hard.

Now a mentor to young athletes on the pitfalls of early success, Sveto experienced highs and lows on his journey.

 “In my late teens I tipped over the edge and almost couldn’t see a way back,” he explains. “Experimenting and partying with friends went too far, and I was staring into the dark space of addiction”.

Sveto took control of his life in his early twenties. He set goals that aligned with his original aim: optimising his performance. 

Sveto’s experiences left him with a personal insight into how vital mental wellbeing is to performance, along with exercise and fitness. He started expanding his studies of psychology, human cognition and biology.

“Mind, body, mindset … they are all interconnected”

Meditation. Sleep. Biohacking. Now, a deep understanding of how body and mind are integrated underlies Sveto’s career as a personal trainer for people from athletes to clients with chronic health conditions. 
His personal experiences are part of why Sveto is so successful in coaching others to optimise their performance.


“People might look at me and think I’m the stereotypical PT,” he explains. “But I understand how it feels to have lost control of my future.

“I do this because it makes a difference in people’s lives. There is nothing better than my clients coming to me in tears of gratitude because their health has improved after years of suffering. 

“Or they have reconnected with their partner after years of feeling shame about their body.

“They are in control. They have their life back. I understand that feeling. I’ve been there”.

“Hybrid Performance Coaching gives you the tools to take control of your life”

Sveto’s drive to share his knowledge and expertise with others is the motivation behind Hybrid Performance Coaching. He wants other people to benefit from the lessons he has learned. To be the coach he always wanted.

As Sveto says, “I got sidetracked and wasted time in my early years. I can’t get that time back, but I can maximise my health and how I use my time now”.


Your time is valuable.

To start taking control of your goals now, get in touch with

Sveto and the HPC team. 

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