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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

For a long time we were told that high cholesterol causes heart problems (conditions).

Doctors (GPs) used this as an indicator for early death and coronary heart and blood vessel diseases.

If you look at the Framingham study, it researched the correlation between heart disease and cholesterol. So we know that the average value in developed countries is 210 mg/gl, which corresponds to 50% higher risk of premature death caused by atherosclerosis.

Going from 200 mg/dl to 260 mg/dl increases that risk by 500%. However, the Framingham study showed that no one died from a cardiovascular related disease with a cholesterol level of 150 mg/do or below.

You would think that makes sense, right?

Well, the very same study showed that 35% of heart attacks happened to individuals whose levels were between 151 mg/dl and 200 mg/dl. This is considered a “healthy range”.

Other studies have also shown that low cholesterol blood values are associated with mental issues, such as:

👉Depression 👉Increase of cerebral hemorrhage

To top it off low cholesterol leads to:

👉Low levels of sex hormones

So when all is said and done cholesterol is not as dangerous as other true risk factors such as:

👉 stress 👉oxidation (damaged fats) 👉inflammation 👉obesity 👉insulin resistance 👉high levels of HbA1c.

The Verdict On Cholesterol?

Don’t be scared of foods like eggs, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and other healthy fats. Incorporate them in your diet as they can give you many benefits. Focus on lean grass fed beef and other life factors that need improvement.


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