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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Pictures tell a thousand words. These images say it all.

The words from another HPC client Serge are equally powerful.

I had my first training sessions with Sveto in March 2019. I set my goals and Sveto helped me with my nutrition and exercise.

The first training sessions along with my diet had such a positive impact on my wellbeing, with no doubts at all I booked more training sessions.

About 10 months later, I am now a better man.

From the very beginning, Sveto helped me to get my posture straight up with my shoulders back – unbelievable feelings.

During the sessions we discussed my nutrition intake, my sleep and frequency of exercise. Sveto’s advice was always helpful.

I dropped my weight and converted fat into muscle. My sleep quality has been dramatically improved. I used to wake up three to four times during the night – not anymore.

I eliminated my alcohol intake as I realised I don’t need that crap anymore. My concentration improved.

Now, in my late 50s,,I am more productive at my work than I used to be 10 years ago.


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