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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Business guru Simon Sinek says “Be the leader you wish you had”. Sveto Damjanovic is the coach you wish you had. The coach you need for optimising your physical and mental performance.

Sveto is the CEO and founder of Hybrid Performance Coaching: an innovative full-spectrum approach for taking control of your mental and physical health, mindset and wellbeing.

Hybrid Performance Coaching is my vision of how to perform at your highest level in the full spectrum of life.

Hybrid Performance Coaching is not a “product” you can buy, or a system to follow.

HPC is the missing piece in the puzzle that helps you lock your life into place – and unlock optimal performance.

Sveto Damjanovic, Founder Hybrid Performance Coaching

Sveto’s background in competitive football (soccer) in Croatia and studies in fitness and nutrition gave him the perfect background to launch a new career as a personal trainer in Sydney. Now he has a dedicated client following at his facility in Fitness First, Macquarie Park, Sydney.

While Sveto is a high-performing personal trainer, he is knows physical condition is only one dimension of overall performance.

“I understand from my personal experience what it’s like to lose control of your goals,” says Sveto. “In my own journey there have been times I have ‘looked the part’ physically while feeling broken, mentally.

“Everyone has room to improve their performance. Physical fitness is only one element of wellbeing”.

When Sveto hit low points in his life he began reading, studying, exploring. He built on his strong foundation in fitness, nutrition and human biology with the latest research on topics like meditation and mindfulness, sleep and blue light, intermittent fasting.

“It’s simple,” says Sveto. “I know what works and I want to share it”. He shares his insights on the best strategies to optimise physical and cognitive performance with his HPC clients and on Facebook and Instagram. Follow HPC online, or sign up for HPC in-person or online training for direct access to Sveto’s expertise.


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