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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Evidence and statistics are a big feature of the Hybrid Performance Coaching model.

Evidence and statistics are a big feature of the Hybrid Performance Coaching model.

HPC founder Sveto has worked with a lot of clients over the years. He’s been a coaching client too – as a competitive football (soccer) player and in other sports.

One reason why Sveto knows HPC works is because it focuses on evidence. Not just evidence that drives the coaching methods he uses – like the scientific basis for specific training techniques – but statistics on individual performance.

“If you look at high achieving athletes,” explains Sveto, “there is a lot of analysis that goes into performance. Biofeedback, data collection, sophisticated testing and evaluation.

“Think of how much a tennis player’s serve is analysed and tracked, filmed and played back hundreds of times, computer-modelled and so on. It’s broken down to the tiniest degree, so it can be improved”.

Gyms and PTs still use like jumping on the scales or pulling out the measuring tape to assess how much progress you’ve made on your fitness journey.

“Those measures definitely have their place in terms of body composition,” Sveto says. “We use them in the HPC PT Hub to measure progress against goals set by our clients.

“When you are doing your own personal fitness performance review, there are other metrics you can integrate into our Online Coaching platform”.

Sveto recommends using your FitBit and other tools to monitor heart rate, sleep patterns and other biometrics. These provide a more holistic measure of your overall fitness levels.

Sveto says looking at your personal evidence base is vital. “HPC gives people the tools to start upgrading their whole lives,” he explains. “In the short term, collecting information gives people the confidence to stick with their new routines.

“When I record someone’s results and show them how quickly they are hitting their targets, that gives them a boost and they start pushing through resistance and owning their goals.

“In the long term, evidence helps my clients develop a broader perspective on their holistic health map that helps refine their goals and reach a more complete state of fitness.”

HPC’s holistic focus means we aim to measure just physical performance but sleep patterns, cognitive function, wellbeing and other areas. To find out how to dial into your own evidence base and dial up your holistic fitness, contact HPC now.


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