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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

HPC Online Coaching is your personal coaching concierge: online personal training and nutrition coaching that you can access at your convenience

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device. The HPC Online Coaching PT Hub has been purpose-built by leading fitness experts and software designers to address the three key reasons why traditional fitness programs need upgrading in the technological age.

1. Time. People are busy. Clients come to Hybrid Performance Coaching with hectic schedules. They don’t want to skip a session; they want the option for a makeup session at their own convenience. HPC Online Coaching and HPC PT Hub solve this problem.

2. Personalisation. You’re an individual. You don’t want to be a number in a queue. HPC PT Hub makes it all about you and a fitness schedule that is tailored to you.

3. Accountability. We live in the age of instant results. People get frustrated if they want to hear from their trainer about their progress or for motivation, and have to wait for a replay to an email or a contact form. HPC PT Hub uses instant messaging and video for rapid communication and feedback on how to improve technique and learn about your progress.

How Online Coaching is turning people’s fitness around

Online Coaching is personal fitness training that integrates with your schedule: anytime, any place, any platform.

Online Coaching suits our mobile lifestyles. You aren’t locked into gym memberships or long-term plans. You are the sole controller of your time. You manage the session duration; the number of sessions; even whether you put a session on pause to take an urgent FaceTime call.

Some clients prefer face-to-face guidance. Many want the efficiency of training on tap. HPC Online Coaching gives you:

· The same customised training plan and expert advice you get in person, delivered online

· Training as you go, as and when you need it – and as often as you want to use it

· Structured system with inbuilt trainer feedback and monitoring

· Detailed technique analysis and review

What our clients love about HPC Online Coaching:

· Personalised service gives it the same one-on-one feeling as face-to-face training

· Structured system for support and feedback makes you accountable for your results

· Gives people independence to train when and where they want to

· Accessible and cost-effective.

Talk to HPC about Online Coaching today

HPC sees clients who come to us because they’re running out of time.

Time to look and feel their best every day.

Time to heal their body because their doctor has warned them they’re facing type 2 diabetes or a stroke.

Life isn’t Netflix. You don’t get to stream it twice.

Make the most of your time and sign up to HPC Online Coaching today.

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